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Deciding between holistic certifications and Bachelor of Art

Discussion in 'Reiki and Chakra Massage' started by bealzebub, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. bealzebub

    bealzebub Member

    Oct 20, 2009
    Hello there!

    I am quite excited to be pursuing studying the mind/body connection and somatic healing. I want it to be the core platform which I can build upon the services I will be offering for clients after school..

    I am having a hard time knowing what I should be registering for as far as program levels, offered between the schools in my area.

    *Holistic Health Practioner Program?

    *700 hour--CMT program (massage therapy program was centered around syntropy (somatic integrated bodywork method)?

    I have also seen other ooptions like "master bodyworker program" 1,117-hour Master Bodyworker Program (MBW)
    that would provide me with 4 certificates :

    • Graduates receive state-approved certification as a Master Bodyworker (MBW)
    • The Master Bodyworker Program certificate exceeds all training requirements for permits in all states including California. It is designed in alignment with the growing trend in many states for required certification hours.
    • Completion of the MBW program ensures eligibility to take the National Certification Exam (NCE).

    Also the advaneforum.xxxes of having an associates degree, bachelor or MA in the bodywork field such as the associates, BA & MA available at:

    or the somatic pyschology program at Santa Barbara

    I will be committed to continuing education after whatever program I do end up choosing, and will want to be offering a wide range of services for clients all the way from holistic healing path to mindfullness based pyschotherapy.

    Any information on what programs are really what I should be committed to would be fantastic.

    I don't want to cut any corners with the "quick fix" massage therapy programs, and conversely I don't want to be committing to a program that would be over extending me in areas that aren't worthwhile unless I get credit for them in terms of individual accredition.

    If anyone could specify the differences that these levels of my study would mean to me out in the field, and what that bottom line I would highly appreciate it.

    I have been researching online and results have turned out to just be vague explainations!

  2. myla24

    myla24 Member

    Aug 3, 2015
    Wow! Great idea you have darling,... Keep it up!!! Follow your dreams and be prosperous!

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