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dance bars in navi mumbai

Discussion in 'India Massage Reviews' started by kamal1980, Feb 21, 2016.

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  1. rschill

    rschill Member

    Dec 4, 2017
  2. Pratapchan

    Pratapchan Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2018
    Great anecdots of Great personalities..

    Really nostalgic

    Ye dossti...
    Hum nahin chorenge...
    Chorenge hum agar...
    Tera saath na chorenge...



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  3. manojjha1924

    manojjha1924 Active Member

    Sep 17, 2016
    Yeah. I read it. It was a good reading. Fortunately I was aware of it. Still I made mistakes of loving the bar girls, feeling great pain when realising that she has gone to some body else. Not only once but 3 times with 3 girls. But I never look back. I never think how much I could have saved. I only think yes I had nice time.

    When take a girl to bed she moans. I tell them stop this nonsense.

    That's life.

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  4. Anglo

    Anglo Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2017
    Bhai Mera trailer tha...Tumne picture dikhaadiye.

    For me too mongering has been a roller coaster ride...

    Like you, I started off my mongering career on in Dubai in 2004.

    Middle Eastern African european far Eastern gals.

    Then in India spas, indes, nl, Ch etc

    dB fun ke liye hum abhi bhi Bache hai...started in sept 17 shaayad...may be a month here and there.

    Quiet ironic...as my first couple experience of this fantasy world was with dB in 1994 then in 1999.

    Let's meet soon.

    Faad daalenge..

    Cheers Anglo

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    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  5. disclaimhim

    disclaimhim Newbie

    Nov 15, 2014
    Before anything else my most sincere apology to everyone in general and @Jigarshergil in particular for disappearing again. In that way I am useless to this forum. I have tried, but I just can't be a more active member. However, I did visit WhiteHose OB a good while back. Not sure whether your girl is from DB or OB but the OB guy told me she's on leave on the day when I visited.
    Seriously, I miss so much discussion on this thread. When I read it there's a lot that I want to write back in response but by the time I get to the keypad the topics are too old (or too many) to bring back. Tried Tapatalk too but it didn't work out for me. Ok, so with this venting-out done let's get to today's post.

    The Band

    I have been mongering a lot the last couple of weeks. Recently went hopping from Rasna to Cabana to Star Night to bebo. If I have to restrict my mongering activities to just one place, I would rather let bebo be that place. This time I reached there around 10PM. The floor was empty. Girls, who had reported to work by then, were busy doing makeup. Other staff were also only getting geared up for the night's job with their quiet tea. I settled down and Irfan, the orchestra singer came over to shake my hands. I asked him for a performance by the orchestra with a song request. For the next half an hour or so the orchestra performed just for me. Kiran at the drums, Vasu at the electronic percussion (and later dholak) and Sachin da at the keyboards rocked with one hit number after another; Laila me laila, Pyaar karne waale jeete hai shaan se, Re mama re mama o-re mama, Ek haseena thi, Yaad aa raha hai tera pyaar and so on. The stage was set on fire with the most electrifying audio performance. All this while I swayed to the tune, sipping hot coffee from the bebo mug. By 22:40hrs as the girls started coming on the floor and other customers started showing up I called it a night and left for home. And so an evening of mongering ended on a high note without any girls involved.

    So guys if you ever go to bebo make sure that you treat yourself with a performance by the orchestra band too... they deserve it.

  6. squeezemepls

    squeezemepls New Member

    Jun 11, 2018
    Sir I am right you are one I meet at rasna. DH you say your name right. How you know sir that I like babe dancing for you. She telling me later you send her to me. But I always liking girls who is with you that day. Bolte naa dusare ke haat ka ladoo, wahi feeling thi . Kay naache aap kajrare pe
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  7. sharad023

    sharad023 Member

    May 15, 2018
    Do you guys mongering alone or with group ???

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  8. gandagenda

    gandagenda Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2018
    Always in group...
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  9. deepaknt

    deepaknt Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2017
    In OB Nightingle

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  10. disclaimhim

    disclaimhim Newbie

    Nov 15, 2014
    Mongering Files: Lost and Found

    End September 2017

    It was one of my first few visits to Mayur bar at Sanpada. I went to the first floor. There was a good crowd. On the table next to me a young, well built, dark skinned guy was getting cozy with a girl who had a lovely smile. I preferred to sit alone just absorbing the environment. A while later, the couple from next table started dancing. The guy knew some cool moves and the girl, dressed in a green ghagra, seemed quite elegant too. There was a mystic allure in her eyes that drew my gaze to her again and again. After about 20 minutes I got up and left.

    2 Weeks later
    By now I had made a few trips to both the upper and the lower floors. I was in ground floor romancing hopeless girls who I wouldn't want to meet again. That's when she passed by me like a cool autumn breeze. I summoned the waiter and asked him to get me the name of the girl in white who just walked by and out of the side door.

    Early November 2017
    Unlike all my previous visits to Mayur, this time I had a target in my mind. I wanted to meet this rustic beauty. Girls surrounded me as soon as I took the table but I had placed my order and there was no place for them in it. She came wearing a full sleeved black top and jeans. I realized that she's lot more on the heavier side than what I would have guessed. She also had a little Bengali accent that I don't find too attractive as it reminds me of some aunties from my mother's circle of friends. But she had a bubbly personality and she'd break into a laugh at the slightest hint. It was very comforting to be in her company. What surprised me is that she remembered seeing me from that first time. She remembered where we were seated and she remembered how we were dressed. She also remembered full details of the 2nd time that I saw her. Talk about bar girls and there unbelievable cognitive prowess!

    Mid November 2017 till January 2018
    I put up good word for Mayur and suggested it as an alternate for Kishor for all the pleasure seekers. Some days later @mongerking26 officially declared Mayur as the first candidate for Kishorification. But alas, on my next visit I discovered that my favorite Mayur girl has gone back to her home town. Another treasure lost... seemingly forever. The ground floor of Mayur gradually evolved into a SB as we see it today. But for me the place had lost it's charm.

    Up until recently
    I made few more attempt to find some solace at Mayur but always returned back disappointed. Dejected, I gave up on this joint.

    14th June 2018
    After a long break, bored by the repeat visits to the regular joints I casually drove down to Mayur, planning on a quiet drink and a quick exit. For the first time, Patil at the door didn't recognize my car or me either. I walked up the stairs and a familiar face guided me inside the not-so-new-anymore VIP room. If the entire first floor was empty, this private room was deserted. I like having a whole place devoted to me and the ambiance was pleasing. Soon after I settled down girls started filling up the room. Nothing worth noticing... until a green ghagra choli clad lass lighted up the room with her playful entry. Don't we all like happy people! She joked around with other girls, danced to the music seeming lost in her own world, seeing her own image mimic her moves on the mirrors. I wasn't too interested but she seemed to know how to draw attention to her. Bar girls stealing an eye on you from across the floor is common, but how many times have you had one doing it using the mirror? She danced on song after song gradually upping the intensity of the tease. I like girls who know how to tease. I was the only customer in the room with 10+ girls around but my sights were now set on just one. She's not too technical in her dance but there's an originality about her, she's self taught. Her dance moves are slow; She'd make a perfect dance partner for me only if she were about 20% taller. The DJ and the coats were set to task. Bundles after bundles went flying in the air. All this while I watched her only on the mirror with a few slighting moments when she briefly turned to face me and looked straight into my eyes. After I don't know how long, I signaled her reflection to come over to me. By now all the other girls have realized that there's no hope for them and it was just her and me in the entire room.

    She closed in and I said, "There used to be a girl here by the name of Khushi". She laughed and replied, "She's still here". "Well", I said, "But she's changed now". She laughed again heartily, "She went through a lot of pain to shed a few pounds". (Not the exact words of course, I have taken some creative liberty). We chatted a while more and it felt like I am meeting a childhood friend after ages. I told her that this is only our third meeting. She corrected me and said, "second, not third" and went on explaining how the first time was just seeing each other and not a meeting. She also recounted where we were seated on both the occasions, what she was wearing and even mentioned that how come I am drinking something other than redbull. Wow! Bar girls having good memory is one thing but after all this while... this just sounds unbelievable.

    I recon some forum buddy had mentioned a Khushi is about to be joining Mayur and @mongerking26 confirmed the news, but from the description given in those posts I thought it's some other girl. It was indeed a great pleasure to find a lost treasure- quite by chance too. Now I am not saying guys that she's the best girl out there, but in all fairness, she holds her own ground.


    PS: @squeezemepls Thanks for reminding me of making a comeback at the forum dude. I noticed you lusting my girl and asked her to go milk you. But now I see that you used all your experience at Sneha bar to milk her instead ;)
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  11. Anglo

    Anglo Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2017
    We two have some connection bro....our gals in both Kishore ( Rani) and Mayur (Khushi) are the same.

    Yes, mk and myself spoke about the same Khushi, she came a month back ( spent a good two hours with her when basuda was here, mk was there too.) but then she left again for a couple of weeks. Good to know she is back again. Hope she stays back for a long time now.

    Aayi re aayi re Khushi.

    Cheers Anglo

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    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
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  12. Unclesam

    Unclesam Well-Known Member

    Aug 8, 2017
    Good morning

    Read today's times of India for this news

    Sex racket ( so called ) of Tollywood actress got busted in Chicago run by a local Telgu couple staying in Chicago illegally

    What is the most important item of this news ?

    (Or for that matter any such news of Raids )

    Off course
    Only one thing the Rate quoted..

    So they have quoted 1000 To 3000 USD which means around 70000 to 210000 INR per night for top level Telgu actress

    Now since the agent couple must be taking at least 50 percent of it as commition then the heroin must be getting around 50000 to 150000 per night

    Oh come on

    Why they have to go to Chicago for that

    We have loads of people in the country and lot many on this forum it self who are happy to pay around 200000 per night also

    Countries Talent ( Actress ) should not have to go to America To earn money

    Isn't it ?

    NM80 bhai ..DH Bro ..Illiketomonger ..Bond

    Why our Actress have to go to Chicago when we have so many who can pay more ?

    Any one who has any experience with real actress or the one who provides them ?

    I have none Til date

    And now Db gals dancing on actress song don't entice me any more

    ( I am again on agayatwas
    Not goIng to visit any Db or Ob till I get out of agyatwas )

    Let's go For Real ones ...

    NM80 bro ..I know u must be having enough leads

    Any one on our forum who has Bollywood connections?
    B grade movie producer ?
    Or casting Agents ?
    Or Side actress ?

    I know this is a wrong Forum for this question

    But Independent Gal forum is Bogus

    Uncle Sam

    ( Yes I have realised I am UNCLE only and I need now some Better goal than Db gals )
  13. devilszone06

    devilszone06 Well-Known Member

    Apr 20, 2018
    Uncle (I don’t know if u r really an uncle but as name suggest)

    About tv serials and the gals who do small anchoring r easily available via model hiring agency’s
    Mostly all the actress and actors are registered with CINTAA and they have particular CINTAA number, so if someone want to hire them can take details like contact num and talk to them, this way no middle man is involved but then you have to convince them that you r looking for something like that also. This only works with new comers in industry and low level actress

    As of serial actress only casting guys can help.

    There is also one other way like hitting clubs in an around area of juhu and Andheri and Bandra, If lucky then one might hit this low level actress and can hit off at any time. I know for sure a place in Andheri opposite to Infiniti names as Escape there 100% pick ups r avaialable from spa gals to sometime small tv show chicks and also at rock bottom in juhu
    Mostly they do it to for around 15-25 being small level
    I once had a Marathi serial actress for 25k but that was back 2017
    Recently we hired few strippers for a frnds bachelor again they were models done few ramp shows.

    I think Hawaiian Shaq is also nice to try in Bandra for that sort

    Recently DB and OB have kept me occupied so weekends is wat I get and then all that gets occupied completely

    Once I get again bore of DB and OB will hit other places, some of my regular spa gals in Andheri and thane keep calling.... let’s see

    Anyways in evening will be in cabana, if anybody there do buzz me...

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  14. mumbaikadon

    mumbaikadon Well-Known Member

    Aug 18, 2017
    Apna havaldar log acha .... flip to ho hi nahin payega
    Denver Police investigating accidental shooting in dance bar

  15. NM80

    NM80 Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2018
    Unclesam I don't have answer to your questions why she chose Chicago...

    About experience with Actress ....I told earlier as well...yeah I took RK (bhai log don't misunderstand to Kapoors, I am not gay) in 2012.

    Yeah, I have some leads in actress, models etc...do let me know if you need more info on them.

    I will be obliged if could help you.

    Even there are lot of indies who are struggling actress or models...no scarcity of high end fishes in the market.



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  16. rahul.singhal.92

    rahul.singhal.92 Member

    Aug 7, 2015
    This is useful.....Keep it flowing.

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  17. rahul.singhal.92

    rahul.singhal.92 Member

    Aug 7, 2015
    Bro... can you Quote full form of RK. PM will be much appreciated. I tend to walk more on your path.

    Thanks in advance.

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  18. Bond_007

    Bond_007 Well-Known Member

    Jul 14, 2017
    Anglo I m in town was hopping Kalyan Shil Belt for last 2 nights.

    I m totally free next week. Anglo better you plan something good n quick as I know you are a weekday boy.

    EiD Mubarak Anglo

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  19. NM80

    NM80 Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2018
    Yesterday Night


    As wheels of my car turned 180 degree.... started from Nashik...reached Navi Mumbai around 5...had couple of drinks at Ghansoli restaurant...pick King of GK lane....reached Rasna at 6 ...AK bro joined us...very few chicks present...called my regular one... couple of dances ... meanwhile @SimpleOne joined us...I don't know but he has some misconception that I m a legend..nahi bhai hum chote admi he...few girls who were on list asked me...mere sath bhi dance Karo...but dimag to aaj kisi aur ka dance dekhane ka tha...she came at 7:45....made her dance on 2 nos...she was not comfortable...said it's ok next time (I think she will be more comfortable in room).....left Rasna at 8:30...(Gabbar and Wolf were shouting on me...BC we are waiting at Cabana)...while leaving met @ilikeitmonger...sorry bro could not talk to you much....left for Cabana..


    Reached around 9...dead floor...Wolf and Gabbar was staring at me ...apologised..than the fun started... first one by Gabbar 100 Baar shukriya....than Bade miya to bade Miyan... suddenly entire mahol of Cabana changed...full dhamal...all eyes were on me, Gabbar and Wolf...

    Fir chhamiya logo ke bari ayi...aur hua sexy nach....sala itna chipak ke dance kari...johney hil gaya....par ghar bhi jana tha kya karte..bola control Majnu control...full dhamal for next 2 hours.....

    Wolf that girl in black and white...kya Nachi ye yaar...sala kaleja nikal gaya...I don't know whose magic it was yours or Gabbar or both of you...but mind-blowing...though she is short highted...but best dancer at Cabana (don't want to compare with girls in SN and Nightangel)...

    Jaise jaise time nikalata Raha...mehfil jawan hoti rahi... energy on full swings...everywhere notes were flowing...

    I can't say ki kal raat ghungharoo tute ya nahi..par cabana ki floor tutane se thodi si bach gayi....

    It was amongst one of the best evening I had....

    Thanks to Ar bhai, DK bhai, Saum, Simpleone..and my best buddies Gabbar, Wolf, king of GK lane...

    Got info that Rasna got closed at 10 (told by one of my regular chick) day before yesterday because of LE...Bhai log be careful...I think it's on hit list...

    Simpleone there is some connection between us...sala jo ladki mujhe pasand aati he..tumko bhi wohi bhati he.

    Let's see aaj ke menu me kya he...



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  20. Escortfan

    Escortfan Active Member

    Dec 13, 2017
    Well as I thought earlier it won't be a right forum to share experience of such a high profile gals ( act and mod ) cause I didn't expect people from here will be able to spend such a huge amount on them ( in general , no offence to anyone ) !!

    But now as I see the interest of legendary @Unclesam and few other members ;
    Therefore by taking care of their name and rapo of ( mod & act ) would like to highlight few points based upon my personal experience !!

    1. Yes about 80% of mods and act do paid work !

    And as I have experienced few of them and I know few of them so would like to put in following categories

    A. Mods :

    I) One those who do modeling & Are into catalog shoot , print shoot , calender & Miss diva and all so::
    Almost all the mods do it I know around 30 mods: ( yes have met them through a very close friend )

    Charges : Varies from 75k ( short time : 1 or 2 hour for 1 or 2 program ) to 5lac ( night charges which comes maximum 4 program )

    (Online those who claims mods they jus basically pickup a extremely struggling one or from pollywood, tollywood with good face n look and they do photoshoot with them and do their marketing as mods)

    B. Serial Act : Their working way is bit different cause they also have to care about their name in industry so they work in following manner

    Charges : almost all act ( serial or movies ) demands 50% advance in a/c transfer then only they will agree to meet in 5 star hotel ( which is very obvious )

    Their charges are different according to their rap

    Serials ones :
    I. A Regular tv serial act demands min 4 Lac to 10 Lac as according to their demand in industry.

    II . A limited role one seeks 1L to 2L depending upon her figure look n all .

    III . There are some who has appeared in one or two serials they also seeks 2 to 3L

    C . Movies act :

    These are low level act of movies Same things applies here as well they do seek 50% advance! !

    Charges : only Night : 5L to 10L

    Some high profile act seeks 100% adavance and not in India , for them you have to take them outside of India

    ( Fav spots are -- Bali , Singapore, Bangkok, Srilanka, Dubai , paris !)

    Charges : Goes from min 10L to 25L ( they don't go for like short time or 1 program, only full night )

    ( One can claim they do have access but all are fake claims cause such act do work within a close circle such as higher political & bussiness elite ppl )

    Ps. You can get such only with legitimate source ( I thank myself that I have few but still more to know n access )

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