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Centre Street 16 Avenue Massage places.

Discussion in 'Calgary Massage review' started by welldunn66, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. welldunn66

    welldunn66 Active Member

    May 8, 2013
    Strolling this area alone yields many choices for massage. Let's start at the intersection of 16 Avenue, Centre Street shall we?

    A block east on 16 Ave, there is a foot massage place that is advertising $20 for 1/4 hr. Its called A Satisfied Sole. They shared a business space with a nail salon as well. So the space is clean, large and well kept. There are multiple chairs for the pedicure/foot massages like China, except not as many. Still, quite good for Canada. 1/4 hour is not enough but a good sampler, so next time will up it to 30 mins. They also have two rooms that can do massages. But the glass frosted doors and close proximity to the foot lounge not really comfortable with that.

    Next building east of this upstairs is a hole in the wall door, that leads you upstairs to a tattoo parlour. I see a sign that says Massages and saw the glsss door to the street says "Diamond Premium Health" Went up the shady stairs and worned carpeting and saw the door closed. Its "Alanna Health" something like that. Door is locked so I guess either closed for the day or by appointment only.

    Heading south on centre street from the original intersection, on the east side of Centre Street, there is a Green Leaf Health Centre with a building appropriately coloured as such. Place inside looks legit and more on the medical side. Prices $80/hr. Then walking further, there is Atlantis Massage. This place has massages more towards happier times but pricing is the same as legit places to start.

    Then there is a small mall further south, on the outside called Wellness Massage Centre. Very small place, its decent in decor but they are really on a budget for spacing. Only 2 rooms and feels really cramped. The whole establishment is cramped, even the bathroom the toilet I am not sure how one can sit there comfortably with two legs in front of them. May have to shit sideways. Prices are the same as other places where its $80/hr. If you want undrapped, don't use the small towel. Just hop on to the table. At the flip, you are offered but you must keep the hands to yourself.

    Go south more, there is an establishment that has been here a while called Melody massage. Bad rep in the past, and previous person who owned or does the massage is cold and unfriendly. After visiting once, its enough cause she is old and not smiling either. So now I see the ad for this place featuring new owner. The place looks the same outside but I am curious, did not visit yet.

    Heading further south, you will come across a strip mall right before you go down the hill towards the Centre Street Bridge into Chinatown/downtown. Its called Sophie's Beauty and Massage. Its a beauty parlour with one massage room and another room that could be a massage room or just facials. Ad is here.

    Now let's head back north towards 16 Avenue, this time on the west side of Centre street. First place you encounter is
    Natural Beauty Massage with the green banner. Never been here but they advertise massage special at the door. Ad is here.

    Moving a block north is a newly renovated store front of stores. There is a new massage place. Did not come here yet, but check it out.

    Moving a few blocks north, you will come across Tim Hortons/Shoppers Drug Mart. This building has a place for Rub & Tub. Its call Sweet Spa. Self explanatory.

    Now, the last few buildings left before reaching 16 Avenue once again. This will be the most confusing to explain.

    Ok, so you are going to encounter 4 different massage establishments all within really close proximity to each other, literally next door to each other!
    First, A-Asian Massage Acupuncture
    Been here under two different owners. Undraped is fine, depends on your rapport, you can leave happy.
    New one just opened as well beside it. Ad is here:
    Next is downstairs called Health Best Massage. Centre Street Door entrance or back entrance.
    You can go undraped and leave happy if you like.
    Then upstairs here is another place New Beauty. I will post review of that in another thread.

    Folks, this only covers this area. There is also 16 Avenue which I briefly cover.

    This place is in a professional building on the north side of 16 Avenue. Same links to Health Best.

    Then move to south side of 16 Ave Centre Street is a house that has been reviewed many times here in the past. I have been here in the past and been satisfied with the massage. They close early at 7PM so best to come earlier. I had no hints of extras but this place is well established and busy and no longer advertise. Oriental Massage Therapy

    New building east of this is Elite Massage. Promo pricing in effect. Ad uses interesting choice words to draw traffic.

    Further east, there is another strip mall called Health Massage Therapy. Can't seem to find the ad I came across but they did not advertise before. Probably hard times recession need traffic. Never been here cause it looks too legit for my taste.

    For now this is all the time I has. There are more on McLeod Trail too that I may explore if time permits. If anyone out there have the time and funds, TOFTT. Have fun, report and be nice to these ladies. Recession bad times. And this Calgary board really need some activity.
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  2. nanoonanoo

    nanoonanoo Guest

    good stuff
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  3. CalA

    CalA Guest

    I thought I was one of the few, that knew as many great spots and wonderful Ladies as you do.

    I would love to add more reviews, of many of the therapists you mention, but would not want to get some great, caring ladies in trouble.

    I'm sure that there are more people checking reviews, than some of us that truly appreciate the businesses and staff.

    I can tell you that a little compassion, caring and genuine gratitude for services rendered, to these people will get you a great, happy experience, more than the tip will.
    Most, yes. Some no......like your review of Jojo. You are very accurate with your review.
  4. Bonerman

    Bonerman Guest

    Great review and excellent post. The 4 on the sw corner of Center st and 16 ace are lower quality but can make you happy. Wanting to try Essential health but have not had time. I want to see more offering the $60/hr pricing. Have had luck with a few on Elbow drive and some RMTs that are Asian who after a few visits will help you feel happy and relaxed. Keep up the great work we need more activity on this board!
  5. welldunn66

    welldunn66 Active Member

    May 8, 2013
  6. welldunn66

    welldunn66 Active Member

    May 8, 2013

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