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Book review-"Brother Rapp and his crew"

Discussion in 'Mexico Massage Reviews' started by Gorgious, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Gorgious

    Gorgious Member

    Mar 4, 2010
    Fireballs, Thanks again for posting the long interesting notes. Get into Psychology, tells us how we can control the Girls, if ever we can ! Well I will be happy if I can infleunce a girl or two :) PLEASE post about the SG and also BGs and pardrote. Most BGs dont have Padroter or none of them do, but your insights are most anticipated. Thank You
  2. ya_staff

    ya_staff Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    Book review-"Brother Rapp and his crew"

    Fireballs...very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  3. taken!

    taken! Member

    Sep 16, 2009
    Book review-"Brother Rapp and his crew"

    Sorry to put you thought that Bohemian as there are lots of things that don't belong in that book, maybe if others are interested just read the highlighted pages I listed.

    No BrotherRapp isn't my cousin, but I just found myself reading his book one night, and decided I'd write a review on it for him, as I doubt it really got that much feedback before. Psychology has always been my first love, and many years ago I studied a lot on cult behavior and was interested in the methods cult leaders, and even pimps use to control people, and get them to do almost anything they wanted them to do.

    The last few months I have been interested in the Mexican pimps, padrotes, where some guys say they control over 90% of all SGs, but almost none of the BGs. I use to believe that too, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe I'll write about SGs and padrotes next?

    I got to talking to Brother Rapp a little as he was able to send notes to Sampson though the use of a Mexican lawyer, but now has ran into the brick wall with that lawyer who promised to bribe a jail guard and get him to see Sampson. I just wanted to get him a little feedback, as part of his story has potential. I have no doubt Brother Rapps knows a lot about pimping, as the people who raised him were also in the business. He does offer something to the monger looking for love in Tijuana, but the message isn't good. He flat out tells you that relationship is doomed. I also suspected this guy being one of Sampson's mentors. Brother Rapp is retired he says, but if he is able to pick up the Spanish language look out Tijuana!
  4. squidgetpj

    squidgetpj Member

    Jan 23, 2010
    Book review-"Brother Rapp and his crew"

    Fireballs, what are you up to with this research kind of post, you must be a cousin of brother Rapp :D I actually read through all that, and yes most of it is crap, though a few good insights from the other world ! One who controls the mind controls the pussy, but you know what the end we all get controlled by the Pussy factor some time or the other. Thanks
  5. Savvylee

    Savvylee Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    I came across Brother Rapp's book on the internet while searching for something else. In case you don't know Brother Rapp is a old member of different forums, and was in the business before but now lives in Tijuana retired. ( so the story goes?) Brother Rapp was a friend of Sampson's from the states, so it's safe to assume he knows a little more about the business than Sampson did. Sampson also wrote on ChicaChica.net when it was still up in great detail about his past life as a pimp in the USA. I always found the work fascinating, and notice Sampson and Brother Rapp, said some of the same things.

    I sent Brother Rapp a PM on his website that I was sorry about Sampson his friend, but Brother Rapp said he didn't know, what happened yet. I also asked him if I could review his book since I read it, because I know he also enjoys keeping a low profile, and doesn't like people to know about his past life in the states, but Brother Rapp, gave me the ok, say what ever I wanted to say about the book, both good and bad.

    Brother Rapp wrote a 247 page book called "Brother Rapp and his crew" it's only on the internet because nobody wants to publish it at this time. If you want a copy PM me and I'll tell Rapp to sent you a copy. He was asking for donations before, but I don't know what he is doing now, but pretty sure he is just giving it away. ( I'll post a copy of a old book on the bottom of this page) Hopefully, we can give Brother Rapp some feedback both good and bad in order that he makes the book better. Brother Rapp intended this book to reach guys in the 25 and younger age group, but I think this book offers a little bit to every age group.

    I found some parts of the book very very good, but also found some parts about the book very very bad. Brother Rapp is at his best telling the story of his life, if that's the non fictional elements of his book, as he says the book has both fiction and non fiction in it. I also like his "rules of the game." as he offers something for everybody, and the understanding of women. What I hated and found almost impossible to read, were writing between a mix of Ebonics and gibberish from a few of his guess writers I also hated math formulas of different scenarios that ran page after page. You go to any book store, and no book present scenarios in mathematical formula, page after page, except for math books that nobody reads.

    Here is a bit of a summary of some of the book:

    Brother Rapp pulls no punches, he tells you he is a "male Chauvinistic pig" and this is a man's world! He tells us women believe that her cunt can control any man's dick, plus be able to cut off his balls! Rapp will tell you not to fuck a women and allow her to control you. He feels any relationship based on sex is doomed, as love is in the head, not between the legs.( not in the book, but Rapp thinks PLM's fallling in love with putas have a snowballs chance in hell of making it, same goes for the guys thinking they are getting the sex for free; you aren't, your getting played!)

    Brother Rapp starts off good, but again stumbles talking about Marijuana, and the hundreds of different names you can call it, and spends too much time talking about the "Opium wars." You get the strong feelings that Rapp likes Marijuana. I know he definitely wants to legalize weed, one of his few liberal positions he holds.

    Rapp then spends considerable amount of time talking about politics for example the Iraq war. Rapp notes that a World War II pulled the US out of the depression and also felt the Vietnam War was good for Johnson's "Great Society." So Rapp feels, what the hell, the Iraq war will also pull the US economy out of a recessions. Rapp also puts out a list of "tough love" policies the US should do to make us a great nation. For example he wants to lower inheritance taxes, capital gains taxes, dismantle the EEOC, EPA, FDA, and freeze the minimum wages. Damn Brother Rapp, you are so different from other blacks, where almost 90% of them vote Democrat. I'm not going to give my opinion on Rapp's political outlook, but clearly this guy is to the right of Clarence Thomas, and maybe even Rush Limbaugh! I think I understand why Rapp is this way, as he hates "feminists" who he views is the root of all evil, who will stop at nothing in order to cut off men's balls, and make men weak. According to Rapp, feminist who don't like getting fucked, is the leading cause of divorce, because their dick less husbands don't want to fuck them either. My feeling here is it's good Rapp shows he reads and is educated, but clearly this isn't one of Brother Rapps strong area. If I want to know about right-wing politics, I could just go pick up one of Russ Linbaugh's books who can argue the points better than Rapp. I want Rapp to write about his expertise which is "Pimping" and very popular in our culture now.

    Brother Rapp also makes a mistake with his guess writers. Some of them are good, but some of them are out of their MINDS, as you can't understand what they are writing. He just can't include anybody who wants to be in his book. I understand Kamala Kool was going to write a chapter from the women's point of view of prostitution, now that's the kind of writing Rapps needs, not some of these freaks he allows to pollute his book.

    One of my favorite writers in Rapp's book is "Rudeboy" from TJA. I don't know if Brother Rapp knows that Rudeboy is writing "tongue and cheek" style. I know he isn't serious when he writes: The basics of successful mongering." Rudeboy, says let the Mexicans know you are from America because Mexicans love Americans, and everything about America, he also says to get fucked up big time for example drink 12 cans of Mexican beer, and 12 shots of tequila; as you can do anything in Tijuana, even kill people, just pay a 500 peso bribe, and the cops will let you off! He also says tequila is a aphrodisiac for Mexican women, that they go wild when they smell it on you. I laughed when Rudeboy gave these tips on picking up civilian women. Dress like a Mariachi, and be sure to buy pants two sizes too small just so your gut can stick out!

    The best part of Brother Rapps book talks about him growing up. Again I don't know if this is an autobiography account of his life, but I believe lot of it is directly from his life, but he seems to covers up a little with both fiction and nonfiction. Brother Rapp says he was abandoned as a baby that some Pimp who owned a pool hall name Tommy and his wife a prostitute name Silky found him behind the pool hall. This guy Tommy is a real strong father figure too, just like the one in the "boys from the hood.' He teaches the young Brother Rapp all the education he needs to know; how to shoot dice, pool, play poker, and even read the racin forum, complete with odd and everything. Silky was also a strong mother figure, except it all came apart with little Brother Rapp, saw Silky talking to a man in a car,and then later saw her go to the hotel with the man. It was a traumatic experience for the young boy.Tommy explained to Rapp, it shouldn't matter what she does, if the love is there, what you should be concerned about is where the money goes, and as long as the money goes to you, you have nothing to worry about.Later in the book Rapp describes how he turned out his first young girl, the first one shoplifted stuff from stores, and gave Rapp all the money, as she wasn't into whoring yet. I enjoyed reading about Brother Rapp's adventures in the almost all white college, and his short stay in the Military and how he was treated in the racist south. One thing I love about Brother Rapp, he never said he was a victim, nor you should feel sorry for him for the way he was brought up.

    Another good part of the book is called "thieves in the House" and how Rapp deals with a new Ho in the house who steals from another HO. It's shockings, and a little bit scary, that he could get that sadistic in order to get control of these hookers, so they would do anything he says.

    The last part of the book is called the "Rules of the game", Ghetto Protocal. Here Brother rapp lists about 100 rules you should follow if your going to be in the game, and I think so of the rules apply even if your not in the game, as the rule " never lend out money" is a rule I should have followed, as it ended a few friendships for me, because I lent out money.

    I'll post a few of them:

    3) Never do for yourself what you can get someone else to do for you.

    4) The quickest way to loose a friend is to loan him some money.

    ) A woman can’t have two men telling her what to do, don’t matter if that other guy is her father, brother, cousin or preacher.

    7) Never believe that your gal won’t lie to you. Your gal will constantly try to chump you off to test you. Each time you catch it and do the right thing, she will love you more. That’s because you have reassured her that nobody else can get over on you and she’s justified in putting her faith in you. Don’t take it personal. She’s just being a woman.

    19) She ain’t going anywhere if she is dependent upon you. That’s another reason for you to have and control all the money.

    20) Always have bond money put away.

    4) If you don’t learn to control yourself you will leave an opening for other people and other things to control you. Your life ain’t your life no more. Just because you can beat up your gal and snort a line, don’t mean that you should beat up your gal and snort a line. You have to develop a sense of self-restraint.

    22) He who controls the mind controls the pussy. ( my favorite)

    If interested PM Brother Rapp and ask for a copy of his latest updated version of the book, and if you have any questions I'm sure he can answer better than me, as I'm sure I missed understood a lot of what he was writing. Again thanks for the book Brother Rapp, it has even helped me:

    Here is an old version you can see on the adobe reader:


    Here are some of the pages that I found interesting in the booK:

    page 4: Genesis, talks a little about Adam, Eve, and the snake, and the book.

    page 40: Rudeboy's The basics of successful mongering

    page 61: The way it was semi autobiography of Rapp's life.

    page 112: The logic of it all: The most interesting part is about the "practice dummy" A HO which is below your regular standards of fucking. According to Rapp Hoes do the same thing, if you have a pretty bitch who you think is above your standards or out of your league, and is constantly asking you for money then you are her practice dummy.

    page 117: "game" talks about a scam a HO would run on PLM guys. She call 4 or 5 PLMS and admits to them she was stupid, but now she finally wised up and left the Pimp, but needs money now, and of course a few PLM sent her the money!

    Page 119: "Thieves in the house." How Rapp comes down hard on a HO who steals in his house.

    page 124: Rules of the game ( ghetto Protocol) The 100 or so rules that Brother Rapp lives by complete with explanations.
  6. William Raplen

    William Raplen New Member

    Jul 18, 2018
    United States
    He who controls the mind controls the pussy.

    Thank You/ William Raplen a.k.a. Brother Rapp

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