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Barcelona SP and Massage parlours

Discussion in 'Europe Massage Reviews' started by funtooshbhai, Aug 29, 2016.

MoonLight Spa
  1. funtooshbhai

    funtooshbhai New Member

    Jun 5, 2016
    Hello Guys,

    A few of us are in Barcleona for a few days , we are staying near Drassanes.

    Would appreciate any guidance on escorts and massage parlors with recent reviews.

    Thank you

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  2. pulpoman

    pulpoman New Member

    Apr 16, 2017
  3. funtooshbhai

    funtooshbhai New Member

    Jun 5, 2016


    May 18, 2017
    If you like to experiment with your pleasure and discover new experiences.

    At Masajes BRAHMA we offer discreet and calming sessions, combining erotic massage with relaxation.

    We experiment and interact with your body, using new techniques in erotic and tantric massage in a natural and pleasurable way, stimulating and exciting every single one of your erogenous zones.

    We will indulge you with eroticism, sensuality and pleasure with our


    1 hour EROTIC FUSION €100

    1 hour FRENCH EROTIC SHOWER €120

    1 hour TANTRIC MASSAGE €120

    1 hour DUPLEX €150

    Sense excitement and stimulation on all levels. There’s nothing more pleasurable than experiencing your sexuality with erotic masseuses and tantric experts.

    Fully-outfitted facilities to guarantee maximum comfort and hygiene.

    If you still don’t know us, ask for information without any type of obligation.

    We promise that the massages, the company and the treatment will delight you.


    c/ Industria, 17 (corner of Paseo San Juan)

    93 207 67 80 - 617 151 332

    VISA accepted​
  5. Mikel.Gimenez

    Mikel.Gimenez New Member

    Aug 18, 2017
    Recomendation in Barcelona - Gisell

    "Artistic" name: Gisell
    Nacionality (or probable origin): From the Caribbean
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): Geez, I'm really not the best when trying to guess women's age, 30-ish
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: Real photos
    Face description: Gorgeous! (Beautiful lips)
    Body description: A monument
    Description of her personality: Quiet and Sweet
    Clothing: Black mini skirt and blouse
    Smoker: I don't think so

    Mobile phone: +34930104495
    Web/Ad: https://www.sexomercadobcn.com/gisell-caribena-kinnari-masajes-bcn-t355148.html
    Address: Berlin Street, 3-5 entresuelo 3, Barcelona.
    Hours of operation: From 10:00 am to 23:00 pm


    Ambience/Ornamentation: What you usually see in massage parlors, futon, candles, etc. There's a shower inside the room.
    A/C: I think so.

    Date of the service: Last tuesday
    Hired rate (en €): 1 hour 80 euros (lingam), but they had an offer for 1 hour 60 euros (lingam)
    Other advertised rates: they will gladly inform you when you call them.
    Duration of the service: 1 hour
    Kisses/French Kisses?: Sweet and discreet french kisses (Beautiful lips)
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: Not included in this rate
    Cunnilingus?: Not included in this rate
    Anal sex?: Not included in this rate
    CIF/CIM?: Not included in this rate, maybe if you hire another rate

    I called them and asked them if I could go there in half an hour, the woman on the telephone says it won't be a problem. Once there the woman in charge opens the door and she presents me to 2 women, the first one had all the cards to be the chosen one, gorgeous with a beautiful body, but the second one was Gisell and I changed my mind. Gisell is a kind of woman I like a lot, Caribbean descent, cinnamon colored skin, beautiful face and lips you would kiss just by seeing them, long legs decorated with a great ass.

    The woman in charge (which was really polite all the time) details the different rates and services included, I curse myself for being poor and I end up telling her I would pick the offer rate (happy ending with Lingam)

    Gisell comes to me and points me to the shower while she will start to prepare everything we will need. After the shower and all the things we will need for the massage sorted out, I lay down face down and Gisell is next to me, naked (I see her in the mirror, what a sight)

    I ask her for a hard massage when she asks me how I want it, she does it like I asked, good technique from different angles, she did a massage forward from my head when she had it between her legs, I was about to explode, subtle caresses from her behalf, I am too discreet until the erotic part to do anything else.

    Later I feel her breasts rubbing my back, my erection was unbearable under my body (I was still laying face down) She continues what she was doing and my hands are touching her, she makes me horny when she nibbles and kisses my neck and my ears.

    She then tells me (with a sweet voice) to lay face up and I am super horny, she continues to rub my body with her breasts, all my body, when her face is near mine I kiss her and she doesn't rejects me, she drove me crazy with her beautiful lips.

    She keeps rubbing her body with mine, and she sits on top of me, with her sex near mine without touching it, I knew when she had her hands on my penis... things weren't going to last long.

    She softly masturbated me while she looked my face, my hands were touching her all over her body, I came like there was no tomorrow.

    After a lil while of talking I left with a big smile. The woman in charge asks me how it was? Didn't she noticed my face? (big smile)

    Assessment of her involvement: Excellent
    Final Assesment: (The best/worst)
    The best: Gisell
    The worst: Nothing

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