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Barcelona Provider Reviews & Escorts Ads - www.SexoMercadoBcn.com

Discussion in 'Europe Massage Reviews' started by Mikel.Gimenez, Feb 19, 2018.

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  1. SexoMercadoBCN

    SexoMercadoBCN New Member

    Aug 18, 2017
  2. SexoMercadoBCN

    SexoMercadoBCN New Member

    Aug 18, 2017
  3. SexoMercadoBCN

    SexoMercadoBCN New Member

    Aug 18, 2017
    Originally written by Fabio-Barcelona

    "Artistic" name:
    Nationality (or probable origin): Catalonian
    Age (In appearance and/or advertised): In the best 20 something I have seen.
    Fake photos or with too much post processing?: Real, except some elegant, discreet and well placed tattoos. She’s now tanned with a golden color without marks of her bikini, I wonder which nudist beach she visits? I want to go there too...
    Face description: Her face reminded to a more balanced and younger Paula Vazquez, Long curly copper colored hair serving as a frame for an almost perfect face, warm but fine lips and white teeth that sincerely accentuate her beauty. Her eyes, in the darkness of the room seemed to me brown colored.
    Body description: If her face is beautiful, her body of more than 1.75 meters tall it is scandalous, with a uniform tan, her skin embodies long unfinishable legs with a round ass that I have ever touched in my life. Even you won’t find a bit of body fat in her body she’s still feminine and her breasts give her a teen-like aura with a rebel nipple piercing.
    Description of her personality: Elegant, sweet, attentive and not a diva at all even if she has all the physical attributes to be one. We barely crossed words to have enough time to exchange body fluids to maximize our date, enjoying our limited time together.
    Clothing: She received me with a long semi transparent robe that reached her heels which allowed me to see an ochre colored thong, something that wouldn’t allow me to blink.
    Smoker: No

    Mobile phone:
    +34 631932107 (the madam will answer the Whatsapp)
    Web/Ad: https://www.sexomercadobcn.com/lara24-catalana-bailen-caspe-bcn-631932107-blog-t364101.html - https://www.sexomercadobcn.com/631932107/lara24-catalana-vecinitasbcn-2-bcn-631932107-a-t364295.html
    Address: Bailen crossing with Caspe street
    Hours of operation: monday to saturday from 11am to 18pm


    Ambience/Ornamentation: You will need to arrive a bit earlier because the elevator is busy. Small, dark room with the bath outside, a fan to dissipate heat, a deep blue courtain blocks the light from outside world. There’s a mirror but it is weirdly positioned to be used to watch yourself do wonders with this beauty. Clean bathroom, the shower rug was wet from previous usages.
    A/C: No, just a fan.

    Date of the service: 07/10/2018
    Hired rate (en €): 30 minutes 70 euros because she couldn’t do the hour because she had her schedule at full, she particularly prefers 45 minutes as a bare minimum though to enjoy.
    Other advertised rates: 120 euros 1 hour
    Duration of the service: 29 minutes 31 seconds because of the busy elevator...
    Kisses/French Kisses?: We had the barely needed kisses to feel comfortable though she wouldn’t refuse to be kissed.
    Oral sex (With/Without Condom)/ Deepthroat?: Yes without condom correctly performed, she gave all of her self to give me the maximum pleasure in the short we had, personally I don’t like when they do a handjob with their mouth on my dick, I prefer when they lick it and enjoy it like a popsicle, melting in her mouth. But the views of Lara’s mouth eating me were enough to liquify my brain with some kinky gaze from her eyes that I surely don’t deserve.
    Cunnilingus?: Lara’s feminine perfection was incarnated in her pubic area, she barely shows any labia which gives her a young aspect and minimize her almost imperceptible clit. Being that we didn’t had much time, it was more of a testimonial oral sex on my behalf trying that my tongue wouldn’t leave her subtly defined canal.
    Anal sex?: No
    CIF/CIM?: Yes, she offered me to finish in her mouth, but I declined to fulfill the fantasy of impregnating her even if I was using a condom.

    Being that I don’t like to be neither too early or late (I prefer to be sharp) I arrived to the building to ring lower ring bell, without inferring it would mean having to deal with the slowness of the elevator. At last I am in front of her door and Lara opened the door, hidden behind the door with a smile of unimaginable beauty and 2 kisses which uncorked the expecative of having sex with a beautiful woman.

    If I had to define sex with Lara I would say it is absolutely beautiful, beyond pleasure itself and of course around the corner of kinky. There was mutual oral sex and various postures focused on enjoying the views rather than just fucking. In no moment I went to reach her pleasure, because I didn’t felt worthy (because of the time restriction and her beauty and youth) I tried to make an imaginary photo in erotic positions, knowing I was treasuring a moment it would be hardly comparable. When there were 4 minutes before the end of our date Lara asked me to cum in her mouth, I declined because I wanted to cum inside her in the most deeply and intimate way. Like she would stick some of her beautiful attributes to me by doing that.

    Her likeness to Paula Vazquez has made a fantasy a reality (to imaginarily have sex with Paula Vasquez)

    Assessment of her involvement: Correct, effective and professionally handled being that we had a limited time, Lara molded herself to my petitions to find a posture to reach an orgasms even if my indications were less than stellar.
    Final Assessment: (The best/worst) Absolutely a beautiful woman, she can be compared to a model or a miss universe too.
    The best: Without doubt the power to drive a Bugatti Veyron even if it was for a few kilometers
    The worst: Having doing all we did in such a dark room which kept me from appreciate all her splendor and with such little time we didn’t had enough time to intimate more, for me an essential part of sex.

    A woman to repeat each time you lose faith on the beauty of humankind.



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