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Awkward Massage Situation - Fetish

Discussion in 'Thai Massage' started by espaextranjero, Dec 17, 2014.

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  1. espaextranjero

    espaextranjero Newbie

    Dec 17, 2014
    Here's the skinny. I've lived in Thailand for some time now and I get Thai massages quite regularly. I have very genuine reasons for getting massage - I've had some musculosketal issues over the years and general stress - and here in Thailand it's wonderful to be able to get pretty long and generally good quality massages for a very cheap price.

    HOWEVER, there is one issue that keeps cropping up that I'm not too sure how to deal with. I go onto to legitimate massage places because I genuinely am looking for a therapeutic massage. But I also happen to have a very strong foot fetish, and some masochistic tendencies. As a result - I find myself getting aroused during two particular periods of the massage: a) when the masseuse does that move involving pressing the inner thighs with her feet, and b) when she walks on my back and legs.

    To put this in context, for me these specific kinks are really major turnons. And I'm not ashamed of them as such. But it's awkward when it's clear to the masseuse that I get aroused specifically during the parts of the massage when her feet are touching my body. I don't want to make her uncomfortable as I am genuinely looking for a therapeutic massage, but I also can't help the fact that I have had these specific kinks since I was a kid, and it's very tricky to suppress my mind and body's reaction to that kind of stimulus.

    If anyone considers that it would be feasible to just bring it up with the masseuse in any way, I'd like to hear about that option. Bear in mind that they're Thai and don't speak much English. My dream solution would be to find a great masseuse who understood the situation and would give me the massage and be comfortable with the fact that those parts of the massage will invariably turn me on, but that this doesn't mean that I'm not genuinely looking for a therapeutic massage.

    Any thoughts/advice?

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