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Assata Lot 10 - AVOID!!!

Discussion in 'Malaysian Massage Reviews' started by Unregistered, Jul 22, 2014.

Luxury Spa Toronto - Placidity Spa

  1. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    This place is a joke. They use to run services for facial but guess business is bad. So they tried deals through Groupon and LivingSocial etc. Now they add massage services but the China woman is absolutely clueless about proper massage techniques. Worst massage I ever had. I went on a LivingSocial deal and after my massage, they wanted me to pay additional RM20 for special oil which I did not agree to. They waived that and I left, thinking that's the end of it.

    I then received an sms from them accusing me of being a cheat! Why agree to waive on the sport ... but send me an sms later calling me a cheat? I have never encounter a more unprofessional establishment! I send an sms back to them to stop bothering me or I will report to the police for harassment.

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