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    On short notice, I called HFH and with my 2 favorites not in, I decided to try Alexa.

    Was greeted at the door by Violet (who is an absolute cutey with a killer body) and gave her the license # drill.

    Waited in the room and in a few minutes in came, Alexa a russian girl with no accent. She is blonde, tall, medium build not slim but overall very nice with perky B cup breasts. Alexa is in her early 20s and a University student supplementing her income.

    She started out with a nice, teasing massage and then asked if I wanted to flip over (has anyone ever said no?). Thats when things really got fun, as she encouraged an interactive experience, but all within legal limits and used her russian heritage very well.

    The finish was excellent and imaginative, not the usual jerk and pull. As an added bonus, she is a very bright lady whom I enjoyed talking to very much.

    I think with this pretty young woman, further sessions would get even better.

    Face 9
    Body 8
    Hygiene 10
    Attitude 9
    Repeat - yes
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    What list?

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