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a new thai massage place opened near my apartment. i tipped 20% my first

Discussion in 'Thai Massage' started by rachiie, Jan 10, 2015.

MoonLight Spa
  1. rachiie

    rachiie New Member

    Dec 25, 2013
    time there. 2nd? time there i requested the same therapist, but she acted very rushed like a hurried robot. i am very respectful person with good hygiene. if it makes any difference we are both female, she is middle aged and i am in my 20s. she doesn't speak much english so we did not speak much. i don't get it, i never had any massage therapist act so differently towards me from one session to another. i was glad to have found someone whose service was good, decently priced and close to home. what do you think can be the reason?

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